Weekly Compost Turning

This is the perfect kind of work for someone who just wants to get dirty for a couple hours per week.

      • Sundays from 12-3PM we turn at Know Waste Lands (1278 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
      • Email us at info@bkrot.org to let us know when you’d like to help.


Are you excited about the service and would like to share it with others? Online or on foot – we want you!

      • Ongoing postings to Social Media as needed
      • Neighborhood Flyering

Bike Maintenance & Repair

Photo & Video Documentation

Visual Art Opportunities

Spend a day or an hour on site creating compost related visual communication!  Support our creative practice with yours!

    • Hand painted signs on composting sites, mural, banners for drop off sites
    • Fliers & handouts
    • Silk screening t-shirts, bags, bandanas!

All volunteers are encouraged to bring compostables to our active sites for free drop off.


Let us know what you think?

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