BK ROT works with many local and citywide grassroots groups, businesses and growing community institutions. Read more below about the people who have helped make BK ROT happen.



The Bushwick Abbey provided BK ROT its first opportunity to build composters and experiment with structures and systems. Through the support of Kerlin and Jordan Richter, as well as the overall community at La Iglesia Santa Cruz, BK ROT was able to learn and grow for over a year. We built our first composters, learned about pest control, survived our first winter and cured our first batch of healthy compost through the support of the two communities at 176 St. Nicholas Avenue.



Ecostation:NY and BK ROT hold a unique partnership. From the beginning, Ecostation’s youth staffed BK ROT, bringing the skills and knowledge they developed through Ecostation’s summer food-justice internships at the Bushwick Campus Farm. Our field manager, Victor, a second year food justice intern at the farm, has worked with BK ROT since our first day and remains one of our most knowledgeable composters. We also are fortunate enough to work with Iyeshima, now our Operations Manager and Trevon Messiah, one of our newest bikers. BK ROT works with Ecostation’s youth for their particular skill set and works to offer them year round work as a stepping stone after graduation.



Bushwick City Farm is a huge BK ROT supporter, helping to build initial infrastructure and providing material resources from time to time.




The Bushwick Food Coop hosts BK ROT food scrap drop-offs twice a week and has been a great partner in helping us target various communities for composting. We now host food scrap drop off seven days a week during their open hours from 10AM-8PM.



BK ROT was fortunate enough to be offered space in the community garden at 120 Jefferson St, El Garden. In 2014 we set up three bins, designed and built garden beds and taught carpentry workshops in the garden. We continue to be a grounding project for EL Garden and many of us are garden members. As we’ve transitioned into Know Waste Lands for most of our residential food scraps processing, we continue to utilize the composters at El Garden for the material we collect the at Bushwick Food Coop in an effort to study how much can be recovered from a single business.



Express Yourself cafe at the corner at 82 Central Ave has not only helped BK ROT build composting infrastructure, such as the immensely helpful concrete slab under our bins at El Garden, but helps by giving us nitrogen rich coffee to add to our piles.



Fine & Raw is a chocolate factory off the Morgan L train stop that donates their delicious smelling cocoa husks to BK ROT. We love getting those husks! They keep the smells down and the neighbors happy.




Beyond the shared values and ideology on changing the way society thinks of waste, Sure We Can has been an avid supporter of our efforts to gain access to a land base. BK ROT actively assists Sure We Can in developing their composting infrastructure while sharing our work model and supporting their efforts to keep their home in Bushwick.


In the summer of 2014 BK ROT began partnering with Green Guerillas‘ two high school graduates (Haque and Klaudio) on developing carpentry skills, building wildflower and herb gardens and constructing our third compost bin. Through the partnership, we taught carpentry workshops in two Bed-stuy community gardens (Shiloh Community Garden and Vernon T&T) where each garden received a brand new cedar 3-bin compost system. Through the Green Guerrillas we met Deshawn who joined our team in 2015!

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