BK ROT has a special partnership with the Bushwick Food Coop. We offer coop members  an introductory discounted BK ROT membership rate, $11 per month.  After an initial 3 month trial, the rate returns to $15 per month.


1. First look at the map HERE for the area we presently serve. It is important that you confirm you are within our range before signing up.  If you have any questions feel free to send us an email here.  

2. Subscribe to the service: We only accept payments online. To pay online, please click the PayPal Subscribe button below. A new window will open and you can remit payment through Paypal. Once signed up you will be signed up for automatic payments and your account will be charged seasonally (every 3 months) unless you unsubscribe.  Once payment is received, we supply your compost bags, buckets and add you to our route. 

3. Begin saving your food scraps: Your first pick-up will begin once we have received payment and you have received your bags. 

4. Receiving your start up package: We try when possible to deliver buckets to new customers. Sometimes new members end up having to pick them up. We deliver buckets on Sundays when we know someone is there to receive it. When you run out of bags, you simply pop over to the Bushwick Food Coop at 2 Porter Avenue at The Loom building. They stock compost bags at a reduced rate.

5. Sign Up with Ez Tezting to set up your reminder: We use Ez Texting to help you remember to put out your compost. Once you sign up, you are automatically added and from there you can adjust the settings to receive reminders by email, text or both. The reminders are currently set to go out at 9am. Once signed up we will send instructions on how to sign on for reminders.

6. Finished Compost: With each membership you are entitled to one bag of finished compost.  You can arrange to pick it up any Sunday by sending us an email.

7. Cancellation & Refund Policy: We operate on a use-it or lose-it basis. This means we do not roll over pick ups past each three month season. If at any time you are unhappy with the service you can cancel and get a refund. In this case will provide refunds for all unused pick-ups (valued at $3.46 each) in cash, minus the initial PayPal transaction fee ($1.20).  If you signed up through the automatic PayPal subscription payments you can unsubscribe directly through PayPal.

We know there may be more questions, so please do not hesitate to email us at info@bkrot.org for more information!

Click the button and follow the steps.