EcoStation:NY and BK ROT have been partnering for just over a year to support local youth in facilitating community composting for the wider Bushwick community. The partnership came out of a shared alignment around the intersection of social and environmental justice: that the leadership of this local work and larger movements be led by youth from low-income communities of color. This group is the most vulnerable to the impacts of our society’s potential failure to respond equitably and inclusively to climate change and also holds the most potential to drastically improve the environmental practices of our communities.

Through the partnership, BK ROT provides an opportunity to expand upon the skills and training in urban-based agriculture and environmentalism. Each season, BK ROT hires bikers from those youth who have participated in their Summer Food Justice Internship program because of the skill sets around carpentry, composting, and small farm management.

This summer, BK ROT is working with EcoStation:NY’s youth to develop and raise the visibility of compost drop-off at the Bushwick Farmers’ Market. We look forward to a more robust community composting option and to further partnership with such an amazing organization.







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