Handmade, Locally Produced Compost

Our compost is made of food scraps from Bushwick residents, organic waste from local businesses (Supercrown Coffee, Pitanga, Square Meals, Gimme Coffee!, Samesa NYC and more), clean sawdust from local wood shops and leaves from the NYC Parks Department.

Purchasing BK ROT Compost

You can purchase our compost every Sunday year round from 12pm-4pm at our site, Know Waste Lands. We are located at 1278 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. We have some bags, but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own bags.

Due to the high demand we are experiencing this season we are not reserving orders. However, you can RSVP with a date you plan on coming by filling out the short form below.

What can I use compost for? 

For Potting Mixes:  We recommend using the compost with another organic potting mix for new plants or seedlings.

For Houseplant Fertilizer: Use BK ROT Compost as a top dressing for indoor houseplants. Place a small amount on top of the plant soil and water as usual, letting the nutrients soak into the soil.

For Cover Cropping and Soil Amendment: Spread 1-3 inches of compost over the growing area. To determine how much compost you need you can follow this formula at: http://greenmountaincompost.com/all-about-compos…

Let us know what you think?

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