Organize your entire building for compost collection!

BK ROT now collects organic materials from entire buildings at a discount rate. By signing up your building, residents each pay a few bucks a month (rather than the full $15/month) for weekly pick-up of food scraps and other compostable materials. Sound cool?

Yes! How Do I Get Started?

To get started:

1) Download this BK ROT Comic that explains our project for sharing with your neighbors.
View Comic Here

2) Next, sign up to become a BK ROT Building Ambassador. Building Ambassadors become the Point of Contact for collecting payment, getting our weekly reminder and communicating any issues.

3) Each building is different and therefore pricing depends on number of units and is adjusted for volume over time.

4) Once you sign up, you enroll in the Automatic Payment through Paypal, which renews every three months.

5) We deliver an 18-gallon bin (or bins) to your building along with a roll of trash bags. There is an initial Deposit of $10 for the 18-gallon bin. You begin saving your compostables.

5) Each Sunday, you place your bin outside the doorway by noon. We come and pick it up and leave you the bin.

6) Then you start again!

Sign your building up!

Once you fill out this form, our Admin will get in contact with you to arrange next steps. Thank you!

Let us know what you think?

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