$5 Compost Drop-Off Now at the Bushwick Abbey!

Compost Drop-Off Now in Bushwick!
Compost Drop-Off Now in Bushwick!

BK ROT is happy to be starting compost drop-off at the Bushwick Abbey starting this Sunday, October 13th.


Date: Every Sunday 1-2:30pm

Where: 176 St. Nicholas Avenue

Cost: $5 per drop-off.  Includes a voucher provided for a bag of finished compost per person.

Why $5?

BK ROT is a youth employment project that compensates youth for collecting compostable food scraps and maintaining compost sites.  This is gross, smelly and yet really important work.  Our project is completely self-sustaining, meaning we do not apply for funding, but do accept donations.  We are experimenting with a model that can create value on the work that is necessary to maintain healthy compost piles.  The $5 rate is to ensure our youth managing the drop-offs is compensated fairly for their time.  Additionally, our pick-up project charges $10 per/month for a weekly pick-up of 3 gallon bags. With drop-off, we anticipate larger deposits that will need more attention.

Are there other benefits? 

Yes! With your first drop-off – you will receive a voucher for one bag of finished compost soil.  We want the local community to enjoy in what they have helped create.


Let us know what you think?

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