BK ROT Inaugural Collection: 30 Gallons of Local Food Scraps

On Sunday, August 4th, we successfully launched our first collection of household food scraps. Our first biker, Victor, a junior at a local high school, picked up compost bags with 30 gallons of food scraps headed for our bins at the Bushwick Abbey.

Check out pics from our first voyage! (Below)

Next week, we’re adding new households to our route from people who signed up mid-week and others who are returning from vacation.  As the word spreads and more people sign-up, we’ll be able to hire more local youth.

If you are interested in trying out our service, or learning more about the program, visit our sign-up page for more details.


2 thoughts on “BK ROT Inaugural Collection: 30 Gallons of Local Food Scraps

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