Results of the first BKROT pilot are in!

In May, in partnership with Bushwick Eco-Action Network (BEAN) and Bushwick Campus Farm, we launched a one month pilot to work out the logistical kinks of a home compost collection service.  With 10 participating households of various sizes in Bushwick, Brooklyn, we collected food waste 3 times days a week.  We collected 110 gallons of food scraps in just 1 month from 10 households, which translates into roughly 509 pounds of future soil that otherwise would have gone into a landfill! (Food scraps weigh 412 lbs. in a 55-gallon drum according to our friends at Waste360).

The pilot demonstrated both the feasibility and sustainability of the service in a couple of ways:

1) People love composting!

Everyone was really stoked to be contributing their valuable food scraps into nutrient-rich compost soil.  As Andy S. wrote in our post-pilot survey, “Great job super excited to see it materialize!”

2) Bushwick residents want to compost in Bushwick!

Kathryn K, who was part of our pilot, wrote, “It was nice not to take my weekly compost to the Union Sq Farmers Market!” As an instrumental part of BEAN’s Bushwick Community Compost Initiative, BKROT is building more local compost sites available for community use.  We believe BKROT is a local solution to a city-wide challenge of collecting valuable food scraps.

3) $10 is a more than reasonable fee for a home collection service!

“Only $10?” said our new friend Kerlin, head of the Bushwick Abbey where we are building new compost bins. “All my friends would sign up for that!”  Exactly!  For only $10 a month, you are participating in a community-wide composting system and helping to create job opportunities for local youth.  What could be unreasonable about that.

Check back for more updates as we continue to build the project out!


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