BKROT & BEAN’s Bushwick Community Compost Initiative

BEAN and BKROT building composters for the Bushwick Community Compost Initiative

In collaboration with BKROT, Sure We Can, local community farms, institutions and businesses, BEAN is launching the Bushwick Community Compost Initiative.  As one BEAN‘s goal, the initiative seeks to increase overall community awareness, accessibility and engagement with local compost practices. Over the next 3 months, the partnership aims to build and maintain compost sites throughout Bushwick to facilitate both BKROT and increased community access to compost bins.

Sandy & Lisa at the Bushwick Abbey!

Our first compost build was at the Bushwick Abbey, a shared faith space with two Episcopalian congregations.  With help from our friend Jason at Bushwick City Farms, we were able to secure free wood, in addition to the wood salvaged from the old nativity scene that was on site (see below).

Sandy & Jason of Bushwick City Farms building the 9 foot base of the first composter!
The old nativity scene…

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